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The Student Admission Council (SAC) was established by the Rice University Admission Office to provide first-hand information to high school students and their families about college in general and Rice in particular. The significance of the SAC lies in its make-up of students. The organization strives to ensure that each incoming freshman class is made up of students with diverse academic, cultural, and extracurricular interests.

Through our Owl Admission Blogs, we provide information to prospective and admitted students about academics, campus life, research opportunities, the residential colleges, and faculty-student interaction. We hope this will allow you to get to know our community and provide you with useful information as you learn more about life at Rice.


Adam, '15
Major: Engineering
Alex, '16
Major: Political Science
Alexandra, '16
Major: Music
Allison, '14
Major: Art History
Ambi, '14
Major: Psychology
Annie, '15
Major Bioengineering
Dixita, '16
Major: Bioengineering
Hannah, '16
Major: Bioengineering
Johnny, '16
Major: Psychology
Lexi, '14
Major: Math
Lisa '16
Major: Engineering
Momona, '16
Major: Bioengineering
Peter, '15
Major: Computer Science
Shiyu, '16
Major: Psychology
Tina, '16
Major: English
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