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We want a diverse, exciting student body, consisting of the best and brightest from across the country and around the globe. If you are excited by the opportunities and experiences we offer, we encourage you to apply to Rice.

How to apply

Rice is a member of the Coalition Application, the Common Application and the Universal College Application. To apply, freshman applicants must choose only one of these application types:

The Coalition Application
The Common Application Universal College Application

Rice does not have a preference among them. Students may not mix components from the three options. Choose one application, and submit all required materials through that method.

Application requirements

A complete freshman application to Rice consists of the following:

  • Official Test Scores: either the SAT and two Subject Tests related to your proposed area of study, or the ACT.
  • School Report (counselor recommendation)
  • One Teacher Evaluation (teacher recommendation)
  • Midyear Report (to be submitted when senior midyear grades become available)
Additional requirements for EARLY DECISION APPLICANTS:
  • Early Decision Agreement
  • Official high school transcript including grades from your first marking period
Additional requirements for INTERNATIONAL CITIZENS :
Additional requirement for ARCHITECTURE APPLICANTS:
  • An electronic portfolio. Click here for portfolio requirements.
Additional requirement for MUSIC APPLICANTS:
  • An Audition Profile Form or Preliminary recording, if necessary, as described on the Audition Page.

Frequently asked questions

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