Undergraduate Admission
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Frequently Asked Questions About Being Deferred

  1. What does it mean to be deferred?
    When the Committee on Admission wishes to see more information before making a final decision on an applicant in Early Decision, it defers the applicant into the Regular Decision plan. This allows time for more information to be added to the file, for example, updated senior grades, new SAT or ACT scores, additions of honors and accomplishments earned during the senior year, etc. Deferring an application also allows the Committee to look at the applicant in the context of the whole applicant pool, as opposed to just the Early Decision pool.
  2. What can I do to increase my chances of being admitted after I've been deferred?
    The best thing you can do after being deferred is to keep the Admission Office updated with new information since the original submission of your application. We must have your senior mid-year grade report sent from your high school to Rice. We invite you to tell us about your continued interest in Rice along with details of any new awards, accolades, or accomplishments. Additions to your file should be directly from you, the student. Please do not send additional letters of recommendation from school officials, Rice alumni, or others. Send any updates via your Rice Admission Student Portal (preferred) or email to riceapps@rice.edu by March 1, 2018.
  3. Can I submit new test scores?
    Yes. Recent results from the SAT, ACT, and/or TOEFL exams should be submitted. Be sure to request that your scores be sent to Rice as soon as possible. Rice’s College Board ( SAT and TOEFL) code is 6609; our ACT code is 4152.
  4. Are all Early Decision applicants who are not admitted automatically deferred to Regular Decision?
    No. The Committee on Admission denies admission to the majority of Early Decision applicants in December. In the Committee’s estimation, these students will not be competitive candidates in the larger applicant pool. A decision to deny an applicant is final, and these applications will not be reviewed again. Therefore, we defer only those applicants whom we intend to consider again later in the process, and we do ultimately admit a number of students from among those deferred.
  5. Typically, how many students are deferred during Early Decision and later admitted?
    Admission rates to Rice vary from year to year based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool. There is no clear indication of your chances of admission after being deferred; however, nearly every year, Rice admits some students who have been deferred.
  6. Will being deferred affect my eligibility for financial aid?
    No. Rice meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students. For information about need-based financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid website or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 713-348-4958 or fina@rice.edu.
  7. When will my application be considered again, and when will I be notified of a final decision?
    All deferred applicants will be considered under the Regular Decision plan. The Admission Committee will then decide whether to offer admission, place a student on the waiting list, or deny admission. We expect to notify all applicants reviewed under Regular Decision by April 1, 2018.