Undergraduate Admission
Rice: Unconventional Wisdom

Decision Plans

You may choose one of two admission decision plans: Early Decision or Regular Decision. Pay close attention to the deadlines for your plan.

Early Decision Plan

If you know that Rice is your first choice, consider the Early Decision Plan. Your application must be submitted by November 1, and we will notify you by mid-December. This is a binding decision plan; you may initiate applications to other colleges but may submit an Early Decision application to only one college. Three decisions are possible under this plan: accept, defer, or deny. If accepted to Rice under Early Decision, you must commit to Rice by January 1 and withdraw all other college applications.

Early Decision applicants must submit an Early Decision Agreement form to complete their application.

Regular Decision Plan

The Regular Decision Plan requires that the application be submitted by January 1. We will notify you of an admission decision by April 1. You have until May 1 to accept our offer and make your deposit to Rice. If you are applying to the Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program or to Rice's Shepherd School of Music, your Regular Decision deadline is December 1.