Undergraduate Admission
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Home-Schooled Applicants

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Rice welcomes applications from students who have been homeschooled. We recognize that each home-schooled applicant is in a unique educational program.

To ensure that our evaluation process is fully informed, each homeschooled applicant is required to fulfill all application requirements for a complete freshman application.

Within the application, home-schooled applicants are encouraged to provide clear, detailed documentation of his or her curriculum, assessment tools, and learning experiences. Rice requires the School Report and one Teacher Evaluation. Either the School Report or the Teacher Evaluation must be completed by someone not related to the student.

Application requirements

A complete freshman application to Rice consists of the following:

  • Official Test Scores: either the SAT or ACT. Rice also recommends you submit two SAT Subject Tests related to your proposed area of study.
  • School Report* (counselor recommendation)
  • One Teacher Evaluation* (teacher recommendation)
  • A personal interview on or off campus is not required, but recommended.
  • Midyear Report (to be submitted when senior midyear grades become available)
*Note: Either the School Report or the Teacher Evaluation must be from someone who is not related to the applicant.
Additional requirements for EARLY DECISION APPLICANTS:
  • Early Decision Agreement
  • Official high school transcript including grades from your first marking period
Additional requirement for ARCHITECTURE APPLICANTS:
  • An electronic portfolio. Click here for portfolio requirements.
Additional requirement for MUSIC APPLICANTS:
  • An Audition Profile Form or Preliminary recording, if necessary, as described on the Audition Page.