Undergraduate Admission
Rice: Unconventional Wisdom

Honor Code

Honor Code Established in 1912, the Honor Code is one of the most distinct aspects of the academic experience at Rice. Everyone who enrolls at Rice agrees to abide by the code, which covers such matters as plagiarism and giving or receiving aid on exams. Work completed under the Honor Code carries the pledge cited below followed by the student's signature.

The Honor Code fosters a spirit of freedom, independence, honesty and mutual trust that exemplifies the academic enterprise at its best. In most courses, students are able to schedule final exams when they want them, rather than having two exams on the same day or three or four in a row. In many cases, exams may be taken in the library or in the students' rooms. Exams for large classes are scheduled for specific times, but even those are not proctored. The student-elected Honor Council oversees the Honor Code and considers reported violations.

"On my honor, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this (exam, quiz, paper)."