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Director's Note

SAC Director 2017-2018
Akin Bruce
Class of 2019

Hey, everybody! My name is Akin Bruce, and I am the SAC Director for the 2017-2018 year. If you are a prospective or new student reading this, the Student Admission Council is the group of students that you see when you visit campus, trying to make the experience as best as it can possibly be for you. Your tour guides, overnight hosts, online chat moderators, lunch hosts, and students that visit your schools, college fairs, and interest panels are amazing volunteers.

While I am absolutely ecstatic to have the opportunity to work alongside these passionate volunteers, what we are really here for is you. Everyone working with SAC has either seen the effects that this program can have on a prospective student’s view of Rice, or they visited campus as a prospective student and had the experience for themselves. Now, we want to pay it forward. Almost all of the students involved in SAC are unpaid, yet they still manage to be the hard-working, caring, and passionate volunteers you see every time you visit.

To the prospective students, on behalf of the entire Council, I can say without a doubt--we sincerely cannot wait to help you learn about Rice and The Rice ExperienceTM in any way possible. And to the current students, if you feel like this is an opportunity for you, absolutely reach out to me at orange@rice.edu (yes, actually.)

Can’t wait for a great year,

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Akin Bruce
Statistics and Economics
SAC Director 2017-2018
Rice University Class of 2019 | orange@rice.edu