Undergraduate Admission
Rice: Unconventional Wisdom

SAC Committees

The Student Admission Council consists of five committees: Tour Guides, Lunch Hosts, Social Media and Outreach, Overnight Hosts, Event Management and Recruitment. Students have the opportunity to serve on one or more of these committees as a representative of Rice.

Tour Guides are on the front lines of the campus visit experience. Their stories about student life at Rice are what our visitors remember long after they leave campus. If you enjoy talking about Rice (and yourself!), meeting new people, and would like to share your experiences with prospective students and their families, apply to be a tour guide! Applications for summer tour guides will be up shortly.

Lunch Hosts take groups of visitors to lunch in one of our serveries. We are looking for students who are welcoming and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. If you love answering questions and want to share your Rice experience with visitors, this is a perfect committee for you to join.

The Social Media and Outreach committee engages with prospective students, both online and in person. Committee members interact with prospective students through emails, online chats, and our “Ask A Rice Owl” Facebook Page. Some committee members write about their Rice experience on the Owl Admission Blog for prospective students to read online. Additionally, students on this committee represent Rice through our Hometown Ambassador Program. This program allows students to return to their former high school, where they spread the word about Rice to others in their hometown.

The Event Management and Recruitment committee is on the front lines engaging with prospective students and their families during admission events throughout the year. During events like Explore Rice, Discover Rice, Owl Days, and Admit Days, this committee ensures that these programs run smoothly, recruits additional volunteers, and assists with logistics including setup, check-in, leading visitors from location to location, socializing with students and their families, and cleanup. If you enjoy behind-the-scenes work, you will enjoy serving on this committee.

Overnight Hosts give prospective students an in-depth look into student life at Rice. We are looking for students who live on campus, have plenty of floor space or a couch, and want to show off their classes, friends, and their residential college to visiting high school seniors. We need hosts of all backgrounds and divisions of study!