Undergraduate Admission
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SAC Committees

Tour Guides are on the front lines of the campus visit experience. It is their stories about student life at Rice that our visitors remember long after they've left campus. If you enjoy talking about Rice (and yourself!), meeting new people, and would like to share your experiences with prospective students and their families, this is the committee for you. We are not currently accepting applications, but those interested in the position are welcome to apply when we recruit summer tour guides.

Lunch Hosts have the chance to learn a bit more about our campus visitors when they take them to lunch in one of our serveries. We are looking for students who are welcoming and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. If you love answering questions and have a great smile, we would love for you to join our committee!

Online Recruiters communicate with prospective students through emails, message boards, online chats and other internet portals. This year, we are also looking for approximately four Online Recruiters to maintain their own blogs about student life at Rice. We are particularly interested in enthusiastic students who have already declared their majors or who went to high school abroad, though we welcome applications from everyone. If you are able to express your thoughts and relay your college experiences in an online forum, this could be the position for you!

Overnight Hosts give prospective students an in-depth look into life at Rice. We are looking for students who live on campus, have plenty of floor space, and want to share their classes and college with high school seniors visiting Rice. We need students from all divisions of study, including architecture and music.

Event Management and Recruiters are the heart and soul of the large-scale on campus programs for prospective students and their families. This team will develop a strategy to recruit student volunteers for admission events in the fall and the spring. On the days of the events, you will ensure that programs run smoothly and assist with other logistics including set-up, check-in, leading people from location to location, interacting with students and their families, and cleanup. If you like being behind-the-scenes and enjoy putting in a hard-day's work, we hope you apply!

Hometown Ambassadors provide prospective students with the opportunity to ask a Rice student from their hometown about academics and student life at Rice. Hometown Ambassadors agree to let the Office of Admission share their email address with prospective students from their hometowns, so that prospective students can contact them by email with various questions. Hometown Ambassadors will also make at least one trip home to visit their high schools to speak about Rice. This is a great opportunity for Rice students to share their experiences and to recruit prospective students from their hometowns.